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From Lombok with Love

The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” aptly describes why our business, VERVE, was created. As an expat living in South-East Asia, there are many treasures of the Orient to experience but there are also some down sides. 

A group of our friends and my family had fallen severely ill due to contracting dengue fever. We were lamenting about the poor choice of personal mosquito repellents available on the market and the difficulty in finding a repellent safe for children, as most of the repellents contain a very high dose of DEET, short for chemical called diethyltoluamide.

The cost of family sending natural mosquito repellent from overseas had been explored, but the time and cost always proved prohibitive. My luck was to meet with a chemical engineer in Bali who had license from the Indonesian government to produce personal amenity products. Contrary to popular belief, the Indonesian government is very strict on licensing laws and all products. Even those which are sourced using 100% natural ingredients are still subject to rigorous testing and certification by BPOM (the Western equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration).

After many attempts working with essential oil combinations, we developed VERVE, mosquito repellent, using essential oils of Citronella, Lavender, and Geranium. Our products are using 100% organic coconut oil. We live on a coconut plantation, so sourcing the product is not difficult.

Please enjoy our products and know they are all made with a lot of love.

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